Frequently Asked Questions for Online Dermatology Consultation


What are your qualifications?

I am a Consultant Dermatologist (specialist skin doctor) and a Fellow of the West African College of Physicians with over 9 years experience in clinical Dermatology.

Where are you located?

Nigeria but currently away and only offering online consultation during this time.

What kind of conditions do you specialize in?

Any diseases of the skin, hair, nails and sexually transmitted diseases in all genders, age groups and races.

Can you recommend a treatment or skin care regimen for me?

I would love to help with this, but I can only give a recommendation after a consultation to correctly diagnose you.

I want to be lighter; can you help me lighten my skin?

No, I am unable to offer skin lightening treatments for cosmetic reasons due to the serious adverse effects associated with these products. However, I will provide medical treatment for hyperpigmentation caused by melasma and other post-inflammatory causes e.g., acne.

Will any products prescribed make me darker?

None of the prescription medication or skin care products have darkening/tanning agents. People who get darker during treatment usually were using skin lightening agents prior to the consultation and stopping these products made their melanin no longer suppressed so their natural, darker complexion comes out. This is usually generalized. Many Africans also have parts of their skin naturally lighter or fairer than others due to some parts being covered by clothing while others get direct sun exposure. Correct and consistent use of sunscreen will help to limit this.

What happens after I pay for a consultation?

Consultations are validated after payment and can either be via the link (I review your answers on the

intake form and photos and send you a prescription and skin care regimen- turnaround time 24-72 hours) or a one-on-one virtual consultation on another platform that lasts about an hour in special case.

How much does a consultation cost?

An online consultation costs 75USD or N50,000 and includes a second consultation after you have been on treatment (free follow-up consultation). It does not cover medication or skin care products.

Consultation is free under the #backtoblack program via the Embrace Melanin Initiative.

What are the methods of payment?

Currently you can pay via transfer to the Nigerian bank account: EMBRACE MELANIN INITIATIVE Zenith Bank 1016766902 or PayPal: After payment has been made, please send a confirmation to Payment must be confirmed before the consultation process.

How long would I wait before receiving my prescription and skin care regimen?

The average wait time is 24-72 hours and your prescription and skin care regimen would be sent to you via email or through the hospital.

How do I qualify for a free consultation via the Embrace Melanin Initiative?

Send a message with #backtoblack via email or Instagram DM and this completed form. If you qualify, you will receive a unique code to input into the consultation form.

Are you currently working with any hospital in Nigeria?

Yes, I work with Alpha hospital Sagamu, Ogun state but I’m currently abroad and not available for in-person consultations.

What if I have used several treatments in the past with no results?

If you have never seen a Dermatologist (a medical doctor skin specialist) then you are likely to have used incorrect treatments, wrong dosages or used them for the wrong duration of time. If you have seen a dermatologist in the past, I would be happy to offer a second opinion but would recommend you return to the Dermatologist for a follow up appointment.

Can all problems be treated via online consultation?

Majority can, but some disorders of the skin, hair and nails require in-clinic procedures for treatment e.g., keloids. If you are unsure about the management of your disorder via an online consultation, send a message to

How do I have a follow up consultation with you after I have been on treatment for three months?

Click on this form and complete it. After submission, you will receive an email within 72 hours.

What if I need to consult with you about the same issue after the follow-up consultation?

During the follow-up consultation, I will assess how much your condition has improved and let you know next steps. Another follow-up consultation would be booked if you need further treatment and, in some cases, this would be at no extra cost. If you require another consultation due to a similar issue, after your skin had cleared or improved during the follow-up consultation, you would be required to pay 50% of the consultation fee for this assessment if it is within 6 months of your last consultation, if not a full consultation fee would need to be paid.

What if I need to consult with you about a different issue after the follow-up consultation?

You would be required to pay the full consultation fee again.

Are there family packages?

If family members have the exact same disorder (this can happen in cases like scabies), a discount may be offered but this is on a case-by-case basis.

What if I only want recommendations for products to use but my skin doesn’t have any problems?

I have tons of helpful posts on daily skin care on my Instagram page but if you need a bespoke regimen, you will need to pay for a consultation.

What if I need a procedure?

During your follow-up consultation, if the next step of your treatment requires a procedure, you would be referred to a trusted Dermatologist or competent physician close to you or recommendations made about what procedures you would benefit from as I am away and currently unable to handle procedures myself.

What if I am not in Nigeria?

If your complaint is purely cosmetic and treatment can be purchased over the counter, location doesn’t matter. However, if you are outside Nigeria and insist on a consultation for a disorder that requires prescription medication, please note that not all pharmacies accept international prescriptions, and you may be unable to get the prescribed treatment in your current location. Find out about this, before committing to an online consultation.

What if I have a chronic disorder?

Online consultation is not suitable for chronic disorders (e.g., psoriasis) because of the long-term monitoring required however, online consultation is fine if you require a second opinion, an initial diagnosis, or a collaboration with your local doctor/dermatologist.

How does your online consultation relate to your non-profit/non-governmental organization, the Embrace Melanin Initiative?

Paid online consultations fund NGO activities including free consultations in the #backtoblack program, community awareness programs, instructional materials, and other NGO related expenses.

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