Back to Black Program


Do you hate your skin right now because of what bleaching creams and skin lightening agents have done to it?

Do you want to stop bleaching your skin but don’t know where to start?

Help has arrived!

This is a free Dermatology consultation sponsored by the Embrace Melanin Initiative under the Back to Black program.

It is primarily for people who have used skin lightening products and developed adverse effects and would like to stop lightening their skin permanently but require specialist help for their skin and general well being.

Please complete all aspects of the form below and the Dermatologist will respond within 72 hours. Sometimes further counselling is required due to the delicate nature of these consultations, ensure your phone number is accurately inputted and it is WhatsApp enabled. Please note that you require a unique code given to you by Dr Benson to access this service. To get this code, you have to have completed the form to report bad skin lightening experiences and be following both @thenigeriandermatologist and @embracemelanininitiative on Instagram. Dr Benson will assess the completed form to see if you are a good candidate for the #backtoblack program and if you are, she will send you a unique code via email. Best wishes!

Complete the first form to qualify HERE

Complete the second form and input your unique code to access free consultation HERE.